Casting auditions will take place on the first day of camp for each show.


There is no pre-camp audition for either program.


Auditions & callbacks are an in-camp activity. There are no cuts for this program; auditions are part of the learning process and help us to cast the show in the best way possible.


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Basic Info
When and Where

Auditions will take place on the first day of each camp.



What to Prepare

Students do not need to prepare anything in advance. We ask that you come to camp with a willingness to learn and a readiness to try your best!


All students will be taught a song from the show they will be working on during camp. Our music director will provide the music and teach the parts required. Everyone will learn the song together. We will then offer an opportunity for each student to sing the song by themselves. Any student who wants to audition for a leading role, or a role with a solo song, will need to sing the audition song by themselves so we can hear their solo voice.


All students will have an opportunity to read from the script for the show they will be working on. This will be the acting audition for the show. Students will have the chance to read for more than one role. Our director will provide the scripts and work with students while they are reading each character's part.


All students will learn a short dance routine as part of their audition. Please make sure to wear comfortable footwear on the first day. No flip-flops or sandals will be allowed on the stage for the dance portion of the audition. If the student owns jazz dance shoes, those may also be worn, but they are not required.




Audition FAQs
What's a monologue?

A monologue is simply a speech. It can be from a play, a musical, a movie, a book, or an original piece written by the student. The monologue should be memorized and students should speak it as clearly and confidently as possible. It can be funny, serious, sad… the most important thing is that the student chooses a monologue that tells a story they can fully understand. 


What will the song be like?

Students will learn a song that everyone would eventually sing in the show (an ensemble song or group number). We will take time to learn the song together, and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and review the song together many times before choosing to sing the song individually.


What will the dance be like?

All students who audition will learn a short dance. No dance experience is necessary for acceptance into the program. Students will learn and perform the dance in groups and

they will not have to dance individually. We will teach the dance to the students during

their audition session – no preparation is required.


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  • If this is your first year, please share with us a brief description of your previous experience on stage. No experience is necessary to join us, so it’s okay if this is your first time! 

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